Customer Evaluation

customer-evalMRSL’s Customer Evaluation studies provide its clients with the opportunity of learning more about their existing as well as potential customers. MRSL will help its clients find out just about anything they wish to know about their customers. For example MRSL can help their clients find out from their external customers (existing and potential):

  • How satisfied they are
  • How loyal they are to their products and services
  • What is their mood, are they likely to switch to a competing brand
  • What are their needs and how well are they being served
  • What else do they want. Therefore what additional opportunities exist.
  • What are the things that are important to them
  • How they perceive/rate them
  • What they should do to attract new customers

And from internal customers (employees):

  • What are the things at work that satisfy as well as dissatisfy them
  • What factors will encourage them to commit more to their job
  • How do they feel about their superiors
  • How do they feel about the processes and systems in place
  • How do they rate their remuneration and fringe benefits compared to other similar organizations
  • Their attitude towards working with the company
  • AND ..Whatever else you need to know.

No longer do clients have to apply black box solutions to customer oriented decisions.MRSL’s customer evaluation is the way to easier decisions.

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