Analysis and Reporting Capabilities

MRSL provides its clients with access to analysis and actionable reporting from the very basic to the most sophisticated. Through its processing department, MRSL is able to use computer software to generate and carry out:

  • Frequency distribution tables
  • Cross tabulations
  • Univariate, Bi-variate and Multivariate analyses
  • Conjoint Analyses
  • Cluster Analyses


MRSL generates reports in the most user friendly and actionable format most suited for its clients. Clients may receive customized reports in the format that is most ideal for them. MRSL will generate text report, graphical reports or a combination of text and graphical reports on behalf of its clients and in line with its clients’ needs. MRSL relies primarily on Microsoft Word and Microsoft Power Point to generate client reports.

MRSL is always willing to make audio-visual presentations of research findings to its clients. Presentations such as these provide both MRSL and its clients with the opportunity to have more interactive discussions about the findings.

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